I'm the arch. Isidoro Riggi, i graduated in Architecture, Industrial Design, in 1996 at the University of Palermo, with the thesis "The masterpieces suitcase" (packaging of works of art and graphical reporting).
I was selected in 1993, in Florence, in the contest "a project for the environment" (graphics for pharmaceuticals), the project is exposed to Florence and Grosseto.
In 1994 in Paris won the "fusion du contenant et du contenu" in the competition "Pari Emballage '94" (graphics for pharmaceuticals), the project is published in MODO n. 152 and n. 169 and on LINEA GRAFICA n. 296.
Also in 1994, designs and exhibits a phone model, voice command (in partnership), at the headquarters of Alcatel in Strasbourg and later in Palermo, Gibellina and Enna.
I collaborated with the Institute of Industrial Design in Palermo, for the exhibition "Trame Mediterranee" in Gibellina (1995) and in Partinico (1996).
I always studied the recycled materials for an eco-friendly design. This interest leads to the creation since 1990, in self-production, lamps assembled with objects and recycled materials.
In 2002 born the idea of "Ricilluminando" project, for continuous use and reuse of materials arrived at the end of their cycle "vital".
During 2003-2004 he participates in the permanent laboratory Craftsmen and Designer(theme: The fish at the table) organized by "Associazione Artigianato del Golfo". The workshop ends with the project "la rete" (tablecloths made up of several sheets including a fishing net and small counterweights). In the final projects exhibition (2005) i expose the lamp "Sailing" made of self-production with discarded/recycled materials.
My business is divided in construction both residential and commercial, i deal mainly in interior design and maintenance of buildings.
I often take care of Design (custom furniture) and graphics (logos, catalogs, corporate identity of companies and professionals).
The passion for photography has led me to work in the development sector, and photo printing.
Though operating in different sectors maintain in my project interventions, stylistic consistency, personality and creativity that often take original and innovative connotations.
Currently I carry out the profession and self made lamps.