RICIlluminando project: History

"Project Ricilluminando" was founded in 2003, but its roots back in 1990 with the first timid approaches to the use of waste materials.
This interest leads to the realization since 1990, in the self-production of a first series of lamps assembled with objects and recycled.
From 1990 to 2000 developing a series of lamps which have as on the use of old chandeliers, bottles, lampshades and other materials, is a first set of objects born from the recovery of various joints materials at the end of their cycle "vital".
The first set of lamps is exposed in some of Hobbies and crafts exhibitions.
In 2002 the passion for photography leads me to work in the development sector, and photo printing, in this context i come in contact with a waste material of the print processing, the cardboard tube.
In 2003, the cardboard tube is launching a second series of lamps, This is how the "Light Sculptures".
The purpose was to generate light sculptures in the round, at every viewing angle a different lighting effect, a three-dimensional light.
Turned off would be any "simple" sculptures.
At first few geometric cuts and effects fairly linear light.
Afterwards an escalation of holes, engravings and carvings more complex with more pronounced pictorial effects.
As if the author's canvas is wrapped around the light source.
"Light Sculptures" are a series of table lamps with a unique design and traditional handcraft practice.
Design, creativity and passion gave birth Ricilluminando.
The RicIlluminando Project proposes an alternative to the recovery and recycling to more or less "creative" materials.

Starting from a finished object but no longer "useful or usable" you can still make a restyling of the object in the same aesthetic and/or functional terms, as an alternative you can also proceed to the recovery of the individual elements can then reassemble or reuse in other objects.

An "old" chandelier can, with simple changes, becoming an elegant table lamp, this is a simple example of how best to observe what surrounds us...

Other materials, however, can get a new life, biscuit boxes or liquor, glass bottles, bottle caps, ceiling lights, lampshades... all objects can have a second life.

In the last years i have turned more and more often my attention to a material of difficult working but with final effects of evident relief, this material is the pipe in cardboard. With this last the bright effects become "sculptural", the light is modeled by the material and this, becomes a sculpture.

"Light sculptures" are a series of table lamps with a unique design and the craftwork production.
The light is "sculpted" incisions, holes and inlays are practiced in the matter that is... wraps around the light generating more variables and engaging atmosphere effects.
From off the lamps, are considered real sculptures, engravings, holes and cuts are modeled by the light around them. The lighting reveals a soft light, charming, three-dimensional, the viewer is stimulated to turn around.
The materials are predominantly of recovery and/or recycling. The main material is the pipe multilayer cardboard. The latter, hard as wood, lends itself to be engraved, cut, drilled, colored...
For modeling the bases, still manual, using mainly the plywood (3 or 4 mm), often also of recovery. In some cases are adoperate of properly processed natural stones .
They also use cans or glass bottles, plastic tubes, various tissues.
The tools used are the cutter, hacksaw, file, rasp and mini drill to pierce or milling.
The subjects range from floral to photo, from the geometrical at the ethnic themes. Sometimes i draw on artistic themes.
In conclusion we can say that: the canvas wraps around the light source... generating a three-dimensional sculpture.
At each point corresponds to a view of the very special and an effect of different light...
...A new emotion.

Material lives again, hands shape it, the design takes shape ... and light sculpts.

Isidoro Riggi